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Weir Oil & Gas Division provides superior products and service solutions to Oil & Gas customers in upstream, production, transportation, refining and related industries.

Upstream products include Pressure Pumping well service & stimulation pumps, flow control products and replacement expendable parts for Oil Field Service Companies from SPM, Mesa and Novatech.  Seaboard provides Pressure Control surface equipment including wellheads, valves, frac trees and our newest acquisition, Mathena, rents drilling mud-gas separation equipment including chokes, separators, & environmental containment equipment to E&P Companies.

Downstream products include API 610 centrifugal pumps and spare parts for refining and petrochemical industries from Gabbioneta. Engineered mechanical and rotating equipment repairs and upgrades, oilfield and drilling equipment repair and certification, rapid prototyping of spares parts including robust asset management and field engineering services are delivered globally by Weir Oil & Gas Services.

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  • PT Weir Oil and Gas Indonesia Home office of Weir Minerals Multiflo Indonesia

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  • Weir Gabbioneta Weir Gabbioneta

    Weir Gabbioneta, established in 1897 as Pompe Gabbioneta, is a leading Italian company that has been manufacturing process pumps for the last three decades. Over the years our pumps have evolved from water wells to heavy duty (API 610) process applications and from single machines to complex packaged equipment, in line with the requirements of the Oil & Gas Refinery, petrochemical and power generation industries.

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  • Weir Mathena Surface Control Equipment and Services

    At Mathena our mission has always been to provide superior quality surface control solutions - supported by outstanding customer service - to enable greater efficiencies for our customers.

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  • Weir Mesa Weir Mesa

    Weir Mesa has been providing reliable oilfield products to the industry for over 30 years. Recently acquired by The Weir Group, Weir Mesa expands the division’s product portfolio through its offering of high quality cement heads, frac heads and flow control products. Weir Mesa also provides customers the chance to rework its worn or damaged pump plunger inventory through the company’s plunger repair services.

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  • Weir Novatech Valve and Seat Tech

    Novatech is now part of Weir Oil & Gas – a leader in the design, manufacture and service of pumps and ancillary equipment for upstream and downstream markets. Weir Novatech is an industry leader in full open valve and seat technology and manufactures a wide variety of valves and seats for workover pumps, high pressure well service fracturing pumps, cementing pumps and mud pumps.

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  • Weir Seaboard Pressure Control Equipment

    Weir Seaboard sets the industry’s highest standards in manufacturing wellhead products for a variety of applications and pressure ratings and responsive service.

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  • Weir SPM Weir SPM

    Weir SPM is a market leader in well service pumps and high pressure flow control equipment. Weir SPM’s line of reciprocating plungers pumps are used in various applications including cementing, acidizing, and fracturing. The expanding flow control product line features products used to safely transport fluids at high pressure into the wellbore during various well service applications. Weir SPM also utilizes a global network of service facilities to provide superior post-sale services to our customers.

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  • Weir Oil & Gas Services Weir Oil & Gas Services

    Weir Oil & Gas Services is the market leader in offering comprehensive engineering services to various industry segments including Oil & Gas, Power, Water and Petrochemical. Equipped with a wide range of modern machine tools and staffed with experienced personnel, Weir Oil & Gas Service division is capable to work on a wide variety of equipment, such as oilfield equipment, pumps, electric motors, turbines, compressors, valves and desalination plants.

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  • Weir Begemann Centrifugal Process Pumps

    Recognised worldwide for more than 130 years, Weir BEGEMANN® supplies high quality API 610 pumps for the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, and axial flow propeller pumps for the salt and process industries.

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